Whole chicky

31 May

Tonight it’s chicken $3.82 at Lotte. Yummy, yummy chicken. I love chicken.

The whole chicken was rubbed down with a lemon, drizzled with olive oil and massaged with butter. Yes overkill.  Delicious, delicious overkill. It was sprinkled with hibiscus salt (really, it’s not that expensive for a jar, a jar that will last a long time, and not that hard to find…I got mine at Whole Foods, long before the whole GOOP outrage, google if you must), thyme and savory. It was stuffed with garlic cloves and the lemon that rubbed it down. To cook the chicky I placed it on a cast iron pan (IKEA! who knew) on top of the grill. Yeah, I use the grill for pretty much everything. You’ll need to get used to it.

Chicky was served with corn on the cob $1.99 for 4 at Grand Mart. You guessed it, the corn was grilled. 

I also made a cucumber salad. The cucumber was $2.99 a pound, I spent $1.06 on them. I sliced up one cucumber along with the remains of a red onion, on it’s last legs Thai pepper and one garlic stem ($.57 at Grand Mart for a bunch).  Mix everything with some Lebni, dill and salt. A more international version of cucumbers and sour cream.


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