Amore Cosmetics

1 Jun

I knew there had to be an Amore store in the area. I just had no idea where it could be. I searched Google with no luck. But the internet did not fail me. While reading Fuzkittie’s blog I found it. It was in her CBox posted by PinkySwearReviews. Thank you PinkySwearReviews! Thank you Fuzkittie!

The shop is tiny, but really very well kept. The displays are clean. Nothing is out of place. The staff is lovely. It was such a pleasure to visit. 

Damn! That’s one blurry picture!

I bought the Laneige Skin Veil Base Set. Skin Veil is a primer with an SPF of 26, it comes in green and lavender. I’ve used this before but it’s been a long, long time! The set came with a sample of Snow Crystal Duo Foundation and Shimmering Multi Cream. I got tons of samples!


Can’t wait to try the peeling gel tonight!


One Response to “Amore Cosmetics”

  1. Pinky Swear Reviews June 2, 2009 at 9:00 pm #

    Your welcome! Glad you found it!

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