Cheap, Quick and Filling

1 Jun

Dinner tonight is ground pork with veggies. Not fancy, not hard, but comforting. 

The pork ($2.62 at Lotte Plaza, I used 1/4 of it) is first marinated all day in soy, hosin, mirin, garlic, ginger and green chili paste. It is then  cooked in a pan on medium heat along with 2 eggs ($.88 a dozen at Grand Mart). The pork and the eggs are scrambled together. After the pork/egg combination are cooked the veggies are added.

The veggies tonight are:

broccoli ($.51 at GM)

1/2 a green pepper ($.81 at GM)

the rest of the snow peas from last week

the end of a red onion

2 garlic stems ($.57 at GM)

a sad looking long hot green pepper left from a previous week

All the veggies are added to the pork/egg mix and topped with a mix of soy and mirin. Then the pan is covered. I leave the cover on until the veggies are almost cooked. Then the lid is removed and the heat is raised so that the liquid is reduced. 

Between this and the chicken form last night there is enough to last the week. Nobody is gonna starve!


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