The great chicken experiment

21 Sep

Picture 244

While at Wegman’s today looking for a duck breast, I came across poulet rouge fermier. These are free range, organic and all that jazz. They were also marked down. The one that I made tonight was $5.54. I bought a second one and tossed it in the freezer. This is a French heritage chicken and is supposed to be one of the best tasting. 

I didn’t do much to the chicken, as not to alter the flavor. The chicken was also semi-boneless, making cooking easy.  I rubbed the flesh with a mix of sea salt,grains of paradise , fresh bay leaf, thyme and lavender. Then folded it up and pan fried it in a little olive oil.

Was is really as good as the interwebs lead me to believe? Yes. It was. It cooked beautifully. It really tasted like chicken. The skin was crisp and chicken-y. the fat tasted like chicken, not a gelatinous mass of tasteless goo. Yes, I will pay for this chicken again. Not weekly, but maybe monthly.


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