How to cook a whole fish, the lazy way

9 Nov

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This is for you Jane.

First select your fish, go by what looks good at the fish counter. Rockfish, red snapper and trout are all easily available and mild tasting. Have the fish monger clean and butterfly it. You can leave the head on if you like.

When you get it home lay it out on some aluminum foil, makes clean up easier. Salt and pepper the flesh. Depending on your aromatics you can add a little olive oil (not really needed). Now comes the fun part. Place the aromatics inside the fish. Normally I use sliced onion, garlic, citrus (any kind), a hot pepper and herbs. I let the grocery dictate what I put inside. As long as it’s fresh it’s good. Fold the fish back up and wrap it up in the foil.

You can cook this in an oven, the temperature really doesn’t matter too much-as long as you keep an eye on it. I normally use 400 to 500 degrees, I’m use to using hot ovens. Let it bake for 20to 30 minuets. The sealed foil keeps the moisture from the fish for escaping. So it will stay moist if you happen to leave it in too long. If you decide to grill it, place the fish over the coals and cook for 10 minutes a side.

For the love of all things good, be careful when opening the foil.


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