It’s chicken! Again!

10 Jan


I’m working trough the meat I bought on New Year’s Eve, when I was freaked out about only getting one pay check in January. So, um, yeah, about that one pay check. Still sucks but, I’m not poor right now either. So I overreacted for nothing. I’m thinking about buying some skincare, so things aren’t that bad. Because I need more skincare! Damn I need help.

So I pulled out the last of the package of chicken legs and marinated them overnight. I use Old Bay, honey powder, paprika, garlic, black pepper and oregano. Oh, and some panko. Because, say it with me, “everything is better breaded”. I cooked it directly on the grill. But you can use the oven if you like. 

Because I decided to use Old Bay I made potatoes and out of season (expensive) corn on the cob.

We had some wine with a monkey on the label. It was good, but if I bought it I would be ridiculed. Yeah, if I come home with cute animals on the label it was bad. But if Old Guy gets wine with cute animals on the label it’s good. Bastard.


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