12 Jan


This is my Just Bento inspired kale dinner. It is just inspired, so I kind of veered from the original recipe. A bunch. Lots.

First off I cut up 3 slices of bacon, it’s all I had. Fried those up. With the bacon still in the pan I added a sliced red onion, one leek and one russet potato cubed. I then sautéed those. After the potato was cooked through slightly I added the thinly sliced pork butt.

I used half of one of the two remaining pork butts in the freezer. Keeping the pork frozen makes it easier to slice thinly. I marinated the pork lightly in red wine vinegar and olive oil.

Then I added 1 bunch of roughly chopped kale (let the kale wilt down a bit- the pan will be very full). Stirred them around a bit. Then 1 small can of Goya Spanish Style Tomato Sauce (8 oz, it was $.25 at Whole Foods!) and a can of Goya small white beans. I rinsed the can of tomato sauce with some water that I then added to the pan. A bay leaf some thyme, a dash of soy sauce and sherry vinegar was then added.

This is a pretty quick one pan dinner. Once the vegetables and pork are cooked it’s done. But the longer it cooks the better it tastes. A pan with a lid will keep everything moist.


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