Using Leftovers: Char Siu

14 May


Trying to use up leftovers is usually a failure for me. Which is why I try not to cook more than we need. This week was different. The only pork I found on Monday was a large piece. So, there were leftovers, and lots of them. Plus I had a pound of sauce to use. So large was the only way to go.

Now that there is a mountain of pork in the freezer I have to use it.

First way: An uninspired stir fry! Also a great way of using veggies that are, well on life support.

A hunk of frozen pork was taken out of the freezer and thinly sliced. Then it was re-marinated in soy sauce, sambal and hoisin. Just for kicks and giggles. Once defrosted and at room temperature it was ready to cook.

For veggies I used cabbage, carrot, onion, long hot green pepper, ginger, burdock, diakon and peas.

The marinade for the pork is enough liquid. If you feel like you need more go ahead and add more!

I used quinoa in lieu of rice. You know, because it’s healthy.


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