22 Jul

veal1 right before servingveal2 after slicing, obviously

So I really wanted to call this tortured baby cow, but decided to be correct. The veal came from Whole Foods! How could it have been tortured? Whole Foods only has happy tasty animals. You might be wondering how this qualifies as a cheap meal. But it was I promise.  The veal was on sale, it was $4.31. I love the fact Whole Foods has lowered their prices.

On to the veal…

It was a chuck roast, so not the greatest cuts of meat. But still tasty and it has been a long time since veal had been bought and consumed.

I wanted to see the quality of the veal, so I purposely didn’t do much to it. I simply seasoned it with salt, pepper, rosemary and lavender. I cooked it on a cast iron pan with garlic and potato over an open fire.

I realize high quick heat is not the ideal way to cook chuck roast. But it worked. The veal was flavorful and reasonably tender. Yes braising would of been ideal, but it’s been 800 degrees out. I’m not using an oven.

Overall it was a really nice dinner, and really cheap.


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