Chicken Leroy

20 Sep


Meet Leroy


Chicken Leroy

So I asked the Old Guy how he wanted tonight’s chicken. The answer I got was chicken Leroy. So I Google chicken Leroy. A whole bunch of crap came up. You see I got a smart ass answer. Surprising isn’t it.

Well, damn it I made chicken Leroy.

Chicken Leroy:

half a chicken with Cajun seasoning rubbed on it

brown chicken in a pan, add Leroy, Leroy will melt with the heat

cover and cook till done, skin side down so it gets brown *


1/4 C honey, life is much easier if you warm the honey up so it’s really liquid

red wine vinegar, about 2 Tbl

hot chili pepper, I used half a ghost pepper-the hottest pepper on Earth, the chili is optional**, ***

some red onion

thyme or whatever herbs you like

*I cooked this on the stove top on low heat because I forgot to put the potato in the oven before starting the chicken. When the potato was close to being done I turned up the heat. Yeah, I need to plan better.

**Holy crap! I managed to burn my nose with the ghost pepper. I washed my hands after chopping, went blow my nose (allergies!). Well, the next time I wear gloves. Thankfully I didn’t have contacts in.

***Holy crap on a monkey stick! I went to wipe something away from my eye. It burns. But seems to be much better now. But, damn, my mascara still looks good!


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