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Chicken Leroy

20 Sep


Meet Leroy


Chicken Leroy

So I asked the Old Guy how he wanted tonight’s chicken. The answer I got was chicken Leroy. So I Google chicken Leroy. A whole bunch of crap came up. You see I got a smart ass answer. Surprising isn’t it.

Well, damn it I made chicken Leroy.

Chicken Leroy:

half a chicken with Cajun seasoning rubbed on it

brown chicken in a pan, add Leroy, Leroy will melt with the heat

cover and cook till done, skin side down so it gets brown *


1/4 C honey, life is much easier if you warm the honey up so it’s really liquid

red wine vinegar, about 2 Tbl

hot chili pepper, I used half a ghost pepper-the hottest pepper on Earth, the chili is optional**, ***

some red onion

thyme or whatever herbs you like

*I cooked this on the stove top on low heat because I forgot to put the potato in the oven before starting the chicken. When the potato was close to being done I turned up the heat. Yeah, I need to plan better.

**Holy crap! I managed to burn my nose with the ghost pepper. I washed my hands after chopping, went blow my nose (allergies!). Well, the next time I wear gloves. Thankfully I didn’t have contacts in.

***Holy crap on a monkey stick! I went to wipe something away from my eye. It burns. But seems to be much better now. But, damn, my mascara still looks good!


My First Rabbit

20 Sep


craptastic picture take while cooking, no finished picture, just imagine the rabbit being browner

While browsing my local Asian Mega Mart I came across frozen rabbits. They were a good price something like $2.99/lb. They are about $20 at the local Yuppie Mart. I decided to buy the cheap bunny to test the waters.

Then came the trying to figure out what to do with the thing. I’ve never eaten it before. So I have no idea how it should taste.

After spending a day looking up recipes on the internet with no luck. Seriously, the internet failed me. Maybe I didn’t to look hard enough. I did find an interesting sounding one that hailed form Spain. It used chocolate. But the Old Guy said no.

I had to turn to books. After flipping through some Julia Child, Galloping Gourmet and some Time Life (yes Time Life, they belong to the Old Guy) I found what I was looking for.

In Bistro Cooking by Patricia Wells there are two rabbit recipes. The first, rabbit with mustard sauce, and one for rabbit with green olives. I decided to combine the two. I find it impossible to use a recipe.

It worked! The rabbit was tasty, it was easy to make, it was fairly inexpensive. Everything I could hope for.

Here’s what I did:

cut rabbit into pieces

salt and pepper rabbit

brown rabbit in a Dutch oven, set aside once browned

in the same pan sauté an onion and some garlic in the rabbit fat

put rabbit back in the pan

now I added some white wine with about 2 Tbl some Dijon mustard mixed in

then a bay leaf, tarragon, thyme and some green olives go in

cook covered for about 30 minutes, then uncovered for 15 minutes


22 Jul

veal1 right before servingveal2 after slicing, obviously

So I really wanted to call this tortured baby cow, but decided to be correct. The veal came from Whole Foods! How could it have been tortured? Whole Foods only has happy tasty animals. You might be wondering how this qualifies as a cheap meal. But it was I promise.  The veal was on sale, it was $4.31. I love the fact Whole Foods has lowered their prices.

On to the veal…

It was a chuck roast, so not the greatest cuts of meat. But still tasty and it has been a long time since veal had been bought and consumed.

I wanted to see the quality of the veal, so I purposely didn’t do much to it. I simply seasoned it with salt, pepper, rosemary and lavender. I cooked it on a cast iron pan with garlic and potato over an open fire.

I realize high quick heat is not the ideal way to cook chuck roast. But it worked. The veal was flavorful and reasonably tender. Yes braising would of been ideal, but it’s been 800 degrees out. I’m not using an oven.

Overall it was a really nice dinner, and really cheap.

Whole rockfish

15 Jun

I bought a whole rockfish at Lotte Plaza for $6.25. I stuffed it with garlic stems and a long hot green pepper. It was seasoned with salt and pepper and cooked on the grill. It was served with roasted potatoes and broccoli. Really yummy. 

Pork Patties and Zucchini

7 Jun

Tonight I made little pork patties.

For the pork patties:

1/4 of the ground pork I bought last Sunday

3 good dashes of fish sauce

1 spoonful of hoisin

half a spoonful of green chili paste

1 dash of mirin

2 garlicc stems, diced

some chopped cilantro

I made little patties and cooked them in a skillet.

It was served with zucchini that was roasted in the oven.

Sorry no pictures, I keep forgetting to take pictures of food. Bah!

Cheap, Quick and Filling

1 Jun

Dinner tonight is ground pork with veggies. Not fancy, not hard, but comforting. 

The pork ($2.62 at Lotte Plaza, I used 1/4 of it) is first marinated all day in soy, hosin, mirin, garlic, ginger and green chili paste. It is then  cooked in a pan on medium heat along with 2 eggs ($.88 a dozen at Grand Mart). The pork and the eggs are scrambled together. After the pork/egg combination are cooked the veggies are added.

The veggies tonight are:

broccoli ($.51 at GM)

1/2 a green pepper ($.81 at GM)

the rest of the snow peas from last week

the end of a red onion

2 garlic stems ($.57 at GM)

a sad looking long hot green pepper left from a previous week

All the veggies are added to the pork/egg mix and topped with a mix of soy and mirin. Then the pan is covered. I leave the cover on until the veggies are almost cooked. Then the lid is removed and the heat is raised so that the liquid is reduced. 

Between this and the chicken form last night there is enough to last the week. Nobody is gonna starve!

Whole chicky

31 May

Tonight it’s chicken $3.82 at Lotte. Yummy, yummy chicken. I love chicken.

The whole chicken was rubbed down with a lemon, drizzled with olive oil and massaged with butter. Yes overkill.  Delicious, delicious overkill. It was sprinkled with hibiscus salt (really, it’s not that expensive for a jar, a jar that will last a long time, and not that hard to find…I got mine at Whole Foods, long before the whole GOOP outrage, google if you must), thyme and savory. It was stuffed with garlic cloves and the lemon that rubbed it down. To cook the chicky I placed it on a cast iron pan (IKEA! who knew) on top of the grill. Yeah, I use the grill for pretty much everything. You’ll need to get used to it.

Chicky was served with corn on the cob $1.99 for 4 at Grand Mart. You guessed it, the corn was grilled. 

I also made a cucumber salad. The cucumber was $2.99 a pound, I spent $1.06 on them. I sliced up one cucumber along with the remains of a red onion, on it’s last legs Thai pepper and one garlic stem ($.57 at Grand Mart for a bunch).  Mix everything with some Lebni, dill and salt. A more international version of cucumbers and sour cream.